JKP offers a diverse portfolio of real estate consulting services, all of which can be individually tailored to meet the needs of each client. No matter the size or scope, the same level of attention, diligence, and personal responsibility is applied to each and every project. Our comprehensive real estate consulting services include financing models and analysis, property valuations, development of long-term strategies, real estate investment research, and the design and production of investor materials and pitchbooks. For further information about how a JKP real estate investment analyst can service and advise, please contact us at (914) 733-2512.

Modeling & Analysis

Core Plus, Value Add, Industrial, Development, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, and more

Back of Envelope AnalysisConcise, intuitive modeling and analysis
Research AnalysisDCF Analysis, Rental Property Investment, CRE Financial Feasibility, and more
Pro FormaIn–depth, powerful financial models showing cashflow projections and analysis
Waterfall / JV SplitsCompensation structures, waterfall models, JV splits
ValuationsLand valuation analysis, property valuation analysis
Best Use / StrategyHighest and best use analysis, strategic consulting, project optimization

Investor Materials & Pitchbooks

Custom made and designed for your firm’s needs

Investment MemosPersuasive, exceptionally designed pitchbooks and investor materials
Financing PackagesData-rich, story-driven materials for brokers and lenders
Teaser PackagesConcise, powerful decks for efficient audience engagement

Real Estate Investment Research

Concise reporting on a variety of subjects

Rent ControlState-, City-, Neighborhood-, and Property-level rent control regulation analysis
ZoningUp–to–date and concise zoning reports including restrictions and permitted uses, development standards, parking, etc.
CompsRental, sale, and debt comparative property analysis – tailored to client needs
RedevelopmentRehabilitation and redevelopment analysis including non-dilutive and low-cost financing options, regulations, and restrictions
Economic Impact of Real Estate TaxHyper-local current and projected real estate tax analysis
Due DiligenceDesktop diligence, Third Party Report analysis, Credit Memos, etc.