In order to secure motivated and knowledgeable investors for your real estate project, it is important to produce an investment package of materials and pitchbooks to outline the main details of the project, what you wish to accomplish, and what return your investors can expect. Real estate pitchbooks offers one way to generate investor interest. A real estate investment pitchbook is a tool for displaying information that will entice a client into investing in project. Additional investor materials including investment memos, financing packages, and teaser packages help you provide vital information pique investor interest.

The professionals at JKP Real Estate Consultants have extensive experience producing informative, enticing, and completely custom real estate investment pitchbooks and packages for a variety of real estate projects. We put the strengths of your project on display through careful choice of language and strategic emphasis on the project’s key features. We specialize in telling data-rich, goal-focused stories accompanied by clear models and projections that will both engage and educate potential investors. Subjects that will be covered in an investment package include an introduction to the firm, a market overview, financial strategies, an in-depth outline of goals, opportunities for growth, and charts and models covering analytic research.